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Our Vision

A thriving multi-cultural business district where residents, families and visitors can enjoy fine arts, walking, dining, shopping, live entertainment, and all that Chula Vista has to offer.

Envision Broadway Revitalization Committee

This committee developed as a response to the need for a specific focus on re-imagining Broadway. This committee is also convened by IPS who supports economic revitalization’s contribution to the prevention of substance use disorders. We are dedicated to transforming these ideas into actions. Do you work on Broadway, own a business, or are you a community member that visits Broadway? If so, your perspective is needed at this committee! We’re currently discussing the possibility of a Property Improvement District for Broadway. Click the button below to get involved.

"As a lifelong resident of Chula Vista, I’m excited to see how community, business, and government partnerships will come together to make the area a gateway to the long-awaited Bayfront project.”
Stelle Andrade
Committee Member

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Chula Vista Advisory Group

The Advisory Group was formed by the Institute for Public Strategies in 2017 to explore policies that strengthen communities against substance use disorders at a city-wide level. The group has coordinated several successful city-wide campaigns, providing educational information to the residents of Chula Vista. Our Advisory Group is comprised of community leaders such as city officials, local business owners and retired teachers. Are you a community leader that lives or works in Chula Vista? If so, we need your perspective and ideas! 

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Support Businesses

Highlight Broadway businesses and create
a Broadway
Business Alliance.

Neighborhood Clean-Ups

Beautify Broadway.


Conduct useful community surveys.

Community Forums

Host events to foster community connections.

Did you know?

In the early 1950s, Broadway was informally called “The Midway” because of its midpoint between San Diego and Tijuana. Even back then, this corridor showed promise and would eventually become the financial backbone of Chula Vista.

While the Broadway corridor has been a part of the landscape since 1868, the Envision Broadway group has just begun their journey. Established in 2019, the group has consisted of local community leaders and Institute for Public Strategies staff.
 Join us in influencing the next stage of Broadway’s history.
"As the Chula Vista Bayfront transforms, the Broadway corridor will serve as the gateway. Our goal is to make Broadway vibrant, welcoming, and a safe destination for shopping, dining, and lodging."
Mike Diaz
Former City Councilmember
"We want Broadway to thrive by creating more of a sense of community amongst our businesses and residents."
Jill Galvez
Deputy Mayor,
City Councilmember
"It's time to make a cohesive plan addressing critical needs and wants. Let's get past the conversation stage and move into action."
Max Zaker
Business Owner,
Planning Commissioner