Mural Project

El Patio Mural

Whether it’s by donating a wall space, becoming a sponsor of a mural, or helping the artist paint one, we have a place for you on the Envision Broadway Mural Project! Murals make our communities beautiful. They add color to our neighborhoods and make streets more noticeable. They are a treat for locals and tourists alike. Murals attract businesses and boost the economy. Murals can offer walking/biking public art tours as a great way to interact with a city and its art. They create vibrant communities people want to visit, live in, and care for.
Envision Broadway has begun its mural project on Broadway in Chula Vista and is looking for sponsors and business owners who would like a mural on their building. As part of the Envision Broadway Mural Project, we empower community members to prioritize their needs and plan improvements necessary to revitalize this aging corridor. 
By increasing the economic vitality of this critical thoroughfare, we align with the Live Well vision of cultivating and maintaining a multi-cultural business district that promotes healthy choices and the highest quality of life.

Hotel Milagro Mural

Firestone Mural

What is needed to qualify for the mural?
  1. Murals must be accessible to the general public and can be placed inside the business or on an exterior wall where it is visible from the street.
  2. A meeting will be arranged with the business owner and Art Curator Julio Martha of the San Diego Art Society to recommend an artist that best matches the business or owner’s history (the owner has the option to allow the artist freedom of creativity).
  3. Business owners must allow the community to be involved in the painting of the mural (This is one day).
  4. A grant from the city will cover the cost of the mural, if the cost exceeds the grant funds the owner may contribute.
  5. Business owners can make a recommendation for a specific artist they would like to work with (Art Curator will review the work of the artist to approve).
  6. An artist must have examples of prior work to show the art curator.
  7. The timeline to complete a mural is about 9-10 days weather or other events permit.
  8. Owners are responsible for the upkeep of the artwork once the mural is installed, if the owner would like a touch-up or conservation work they can contact Julio Martha at to discuss pricing.
We would love to help you keep graffiti off your walls.
Are you interested in sponsoring a mural on Broadway or having a mural on your building?
If so, please fill out the form below and let us know how we can partner together!


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